Product News: BMG LABTECH introduces their latest range of next generation Multimode Microplate readers

12 Sep 2008

At Elrig/SBS, Drug discovery this Autumn BMG LABTECH will be presenting their latest range of innovative next generation microplate readers including:

PHERAstar Plus – The Flagship for High Throughput Screening with unsurpassed speed and sensitivity in all read modes including Fluorescence Intensity – FRET, Fluorescence Polarisation, Time Resolved Fluorescence, Luminescence and Absorbance.

OMEGA - The first microplate reader range with Tandem Technology combining high-speed UV/Vis Spectrometer based absorbance and ultra sensitive filter based detection in all modes.

NEPHELOstar - The only Laser Based Microplate Nephelometer for automated drug solubility screening, offers a rapid method for checking drug solubility, bacterial and fungal growth, quantification of macromolecules, formation of immunocomplexes, quality control, and more.

NOVOstar – The unique multifunction reader available with advanced liquid handling capabilities to tackle your most demanding assay needs.

CO2 GAS VENT – Ideal for automated cell growth, cell migration/invasion and culture studies over long periods of time without intervention.

We also invite you to meet our Applications Specialists and find out how you can optimise assays such as HTRF®, Transcreener® FP, Predictor™ hERG FP, Lanthascreen™, AlphaScreen® as well as many other applications.