Product News: Bioo Scientific Increases Multiplexing Capabilities for Illumina Sequencing with >2000 Single-Index Barcodes

22 Jul 2015

Bioo Scientific have announced the launch of the NEXTflex-HT™ Barcodes, single-index barcodes for Illumina sequencing, which significantly increase throughput for next generation sequencing.

The NEXTflex-HT Barcodes each contain 12 nt unique index sequences with Hamming Distances of five or greater, permitting dual error correction to enable proper differentiation between samples by preventing ambiguity from PCR errors or sequencing instrument miscalling. Additionally, each pair of consecutive barcodes is fully color balanced and suitable for low level multiplexing.

NEXTflex HT Barcodes also allow researchers to avoid using the same set of indices consecutively, reducing concerns about run-to-run sample carryover and sample crosstalk.

The NEXTflex-HT Barcodes have been optimized for use with Bioo Scientific’s NEXTflex Rapid DNA-Seq, NEXTflex Cell Free DNA-Seq, NEXTflex mtDNA-Seq, NEXTflex Methyl-Seq, and NEXTflex DNA-Seq Kits, but can also be used with other Illumina library prep protocols. Each lot of barcodes is validated by Illumina sequencing to ensure purity.