Product News: Bioo Scientific Honored with Technology Award for its RNA Interference Delivery Technologies

10 Sep 2013

Bioo Scientific, an Austin, TX-based biotechnology company was honored yesterday with the 2013 General Motors Technology Award for Small Businesses at the 13th Annual Greater Austin Business Awards.

The Austin Chamber of Commerce puts on the annual Greater Austin Business Awards Competition to recognize excellence in business in the region. This year’s Awards banquet was held at the Hilton Austin on September 4th. The General Motors Technology Award recognizes a company in any industry that has developed an innovative product that creates significant new opportunities.

Bioo Scientific was chosen to receive the award for its cutting edge and patent pending RNA interference delivery technologies. Bioo Scientific’s innovative products are designed to deliver small RNAs capable of modulating gene expression into specific animal organs. These products are enabling researchers to not only understand the function of genes in plants and animals, but also can potentially be used in combination with miRNA and RNAi based therapeutic agents for treating human disease. As our understanding of the role and impact of RNA biology in health and disease is increasing, Bioo Scientific strives to be at the forefront in helping the life science industry take full advantage of these discoveries.

Bioo Scientific is focused on developing new technologies to support life science research. This award highlights Bioo Scientific’s commitment to continuous innovation in the life sciences.