Product News: Biofortuna ampDRY Air-Dried Master Mix Announced at AACC

Complementing its freeze-drying services, ampDRY master mix can stabilize DNA samples for up to 12 months

30 Jul 2018

Biofortuna, an international IVD contract research and manufacturing company –has launched ampDRY™, its patent pending stabilised master mix for PCR applications, at the 2018 AACC Annual Scientific Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo in Chicago.

ampDRY hotstart master mix has been developed to enable complete end-stage or real-time PCR assays to be stabilised in a dry format at ambient temperatures for at least 12 months, negating the requirement for cold chain shipping and storage. ampDRY allows the straightforward creation of stabilised assays: oligonucleotides are combined with the ampDRY reagent and dispensed into PCR vessels, then stabilised by controlled air drying. Once dried, the end user simply adds their DNA sample to the stabilised reaction prior to amplification and detection. This technology offers significant benefits over other stabilisation techniques for both end users and IVD manufacturers.

ampDRY master mix is available in both bulk and small volumes, making it suitable for commercial manufacturers and laboratory use. Biofortuna also offers full IVD contract manufacturing services using ampDRY, and can customise the manufacturing process to match customer requirements to create bespoke, cost-effective stabilised products.

Biofortuna’s CEO, Dr Nick Ash, commented: “We are delighted to be launching the ampDRY stabilisation master mix at AACC, complementing our world-renowned freeze-drying stabilisation service. This new technology will enable us to further support our IVD customers in the development of easy-to-use diagnostics, increasing laboratory productivity and improving quality of clinical testing and patient care.”

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