Product News: BINDER sets the new STANDARD IN CO2 INCUBATORS!!

04 Feb 2007

BINDER Inc. continues its innovation campaign by presenting new products at the PITTCON in Chicago, Illinois, USA. BINDER, the global leader in specialized simulation chambers for scientific and industrial applications presents a new generation of CO2-incubator.

BINDER CO2-incubators – No compromise - 180 °C (356 °F) hot air sterilization!
Absolute sterility is critical in laboratories; this is particularly true in tissue culture incubators used for cell cultivation. The redesigned interior chamber facilitates even more precise processing with minimum effort. The previous shelf mounting system, which required time-consuming cleaning, has now been replaced by integrated shelf supports without sharp edges. These form part of the inner chamber, and eliminate the need for unnecessary fittings. This new feature reduces the potential surface for contamination. In addition, hot air sterilization at 180 °C [356 °F] ensures maximum sterile conditions.

KBF series: Genuine global players
Climatic chambers must ensure the highest precision at all times, even when operating in regions with high temperature and humidity. Because vital medical equipment must operate perfectly even under difficult climatic conditions, BINDER’s new generation KBF series constant climate chambers can handle ambient temperatures up to 32 °C [90 °F] with absolute reliability and offer constant test climate conditions in unequaled quality. As with the preceding series, the most remarkable feature of this new series is a test performance range that far exceeds the required standards, and compliance with standards. It also has a long-term stand-alone capability.

Individuality sets standards
In contrast to competitors who offer a full range of products, BINDER focuses on highly specialized, individual solutions. Whether a customer needs test chambers for particularly heavy samples or a stainless steel design with a particulate filter, BINDER has individual solutions for special applications. The BINDER Individual Team of application specialists, technical consultants and engineers provides customized solutions for its products, including documentation and servicing.

BINDER now has a uniform factory standard for all its test chamber to verify technical data, including temperature test, constant climate and heating chambers. This uniform standard now incorporates all previous standards for the various equipment series. The basic data for determining measured data in practical applications have been precisely defined, which significantly narrows the range of interpretation possible. This factory standard can be downloaded from the article webpage. 

Visit BINDER Inc. at the PITTCON 2007 which will take place from 26 February – 1 March 2007 in Chicago, Illinois, USA, booth 3109. We are looking forward to your visit.

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