Product News: BINDER Presents New Products at ARABLAB

18 Dec 2008

With two important exhibitions and new products BINDER starts the year 2009. ArabLab is the No.1 Business to Business show for the Analytical Industry. The only exhibition for the Analytical Industry that reaches buyers from the growth markets Middle East & Africa the Indian Sub-Continent and China & Asia which will be the growing markets for BINDER. It takes place January 10 - 13, 2009 in Dubai, UAE and you can visit us at ArabLab on booth 363.

End of January will be the Arab Health exhibition and congress; the region's premier event for the Middle East bringing healthcare manufacturers, wholesalers, dealers and distributors together with some of the most important and influential decision-makers in the Arab world. Starting January 26 - 29, 2009 you can visit us at ArabHealth on booth RB 21 and take a look at our new products like the CB 53 and others.

The BINDERS CB family is growing! The new CO2-incubator CB 53 completes the family of the proven BINDERS CB series, suitably for cell cultivation with highest requirements. In its achievements it is inferior to its larger brothers the CB 150 and CB 210 which will also be exhibited at Dubai in nothing: absolutely contamination-free by hot-air sterilization with 180 °C, reliably pH-stably, condensation-free interior. The BINDERS CO2-incubators thereby offer optimal growth conditions for your cultures also in 53 liter compact size.

The most important advantages:
- Uncompromising contamination-free by hot-air sterilization with 180 °C by push of a button over night
- Stable ones of pH values owing to short recovery times by drift-free FPI infrared measuring system
- Easy cleaning interior owing to smoothly punched interior boiler, without fan or HEPA filter
- Absolute condensation-free with high air humidity
- High keeping at a moderate temperature precision with excellent dynamics

Also shown in Dubai is the new generation of BINDER KBF. The difference between the new BINDER KBF constant climate chambers and previous series is quite obvious even at first sight, since the double door has been replaced with a single door; the result is a smaller footprint with the same usable space, which gains valuable laboratory floor space. What might not be as obvious at first are the technical developments in design, such as heavier insulation, a new pressurized steam humidification system, or the improved arrangement of heating, fan and refrigeration, as well as the improvements resulting from our new, fully automatic manufacturing processes. BINDER also offers patented light cartridges for the KBF ICH in accordance with the light testing requirements of the ICH guidelines. All of these design improvements and refinements makes your work in the laboratory easier, and simplifies maintenance and servicing of chambers.