Product News: BINDER Announces Climate Chamber with Flexible Light Positions

19 Jan 2011

BINDER announces that the KBWF 720 climate chamber has three flexible positionable illumination cassettes to enable homogeneous light distribution for natural growth conditions. Different light colors can also be used: daylight fluorescent tubes are available standard, Fluora® growth lamps, light color 77 and Arabidopsis lamps. Flexible positioning makes it possible to adjust the light sources based on the specimen size, obtaining constant irradiation results throughout the chamber interior.

APT.lineTM technology provides the same test conditions throughout the chamber interior independent of specimen size and quantity. Constant, gentle circulation of air even under a full load prevents drying out. The powerful compressor cooling system has enough power reserves for lighting applications. Thanks to the double evaporator plate, freezing is prevented, the unit has large power reserves, e.g. for lighting applications and stable, long-term tests can be carried out. These special growth chambers from BINDER are unique in their homogeneity and depict nature ideally.

The innovative vapor pressure humidification guarantees fast response times and short recovery times after opening the doors. It can be connected to the domestic water system directly. For water treatment, BINDER offers the BINDER PURE AQUA SERVICE that can be connected to the water supply upstream, making it possible to operate the KBWF with all water hardnesses. Laborious filling is no longer required because the chambers are connected to the domestic water system directly. A capacitive humidity sensor that is very accurate and maintenance-free controls the humidity.

The comprehensive standard equipment includes casters, an inner glass door, double outer door seal, door heating against condensation and a communication interface. The unit has no fixed installations, making a large chamber inner volume available that is easy to clean.