Product News: BERTHOLD Introduces the Improved NightSHADE Imaging System

01 Jul 2013

The NightSHADE has been released with new features and improvements based on feedback from users throughout the world.

BERTHOLD’s NightSHADE is a modular plant imaging system for monitoring luminescence and fluorescence in tissues, seedlings and whole plants. Housed in an absolutely light-tight darkroom its heart is a cooled CCD camera which can be mounted on top or at the side.

Low level luciferase bioluminescence and chemiluminescence from luminol enhanced reactive oxygen species can be monitored as well as GFP and other fluorescent dyes. With the NightSHADE BERTHOLD offer a plant imaging system ideally suited for today´s and tomorrow´s applications such as monitoring gene expression and circadian rhythm with reporter genes, observation of plant growth, examination of stress tolerance, measuring of delayed fluorescence and drug screening in plants.

New features and improvements 

- Motorized emission filter wheel (and motorized excitation slider) – quicker and more flexible filter change, e.g. for dual reporter gene expressing samples

- 1.4 megapixel camera with high sensitivity for basic luminescence and sensitive fluorescence measurements – an extremely economic but powerful solution for fluorescence and luminescence imaging

- Modular lens system for quick lens change together with a new 50mm macro lens for high quality close ups while maintaining sensitivity

- Focusing device outside the dark box – higher level of usability when working with changing sample sizes for focusing levels

- Dual photo illumination using white or infrared LEDs located at an improved illumination position for clearer photographic images

New indiGO software features

 Batch TIFF export to allow using the image data with external software (including meta data)

- Optimized LED panel handling with status display in task bar

- Improved speed when working with live preview. X-Y table support for multi position measurements