Product News: BennuBio, Inc. presents its newly designed Velocyt instrument

At CYTO 2022, BennuBio showcased its latest  large particle flow cytometer that aims to simplify the 3D cell model workflow

21 Jun 2022

At the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry's (ISAC's) 35th International Congress – CYTO 2022, held between 3 - 7 June, BennuBio, Inc showcased its newly designed Velocyt® instrument; a novel, total-acoustic focusing, multi-stream flow cytometry capable of high throughput analysis of a wide range of cellular structures.

John O’Rourke, Director of Assay Development at BennuBio, Inc. presented, “Measuring apoptosis in intact multicellular spheroids using the Velocyt large particle, multi-stream flow cytometer”. Traditional flow cytometry can be used for analysis after spheroid dissociation into single cells which is a labor-intensive workflow and results in losing spheroid spatial data. To address these challenges, the Velocyt was used to perform a multiplex apoptosis assay on intact spheroids.

The presentation highlighted the workflow advantages, which are greatly simplified compared to traditional flow cytometry, and provided statistical power often lacking in microscopy methods.  These studies illustrated how the Velocyt large particle flow cytometer can simplify the 3D cell model workflow leading to the rapid analysis of thousands of spheroids with increased biological insight.

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