Product News: Automated, High Capacity Petri Dish Filling System Saves Operator Time and Laboratory Space

05 Mar 2009

A compact, high volume media preparation system which provides a faster, more automated method of filling Petri dishes whilst saving valuable laboratory benchtop space, is available from SCIENTIFIC LABORATORY SUPPLIES (SLS).

The Integra MEDIAJET is designed for high volume microbiological media users who are typically handling up to 20,000 plates per week.

Easy handling is an important feature of the MEDIAJET as all functions can be conveniently controlled via a full size, easy-to-view screen. Once the dish filling process has started it continues the cycle through to completion without the need for input or monitoring, allowing operators to work on other tasks. The system is designed for reliable and independent operation as the dishes are mechanically guided through the process and monitored by a set of sensors during the filling process. Typical variations in the diameter or shape of disposable plastic dishes, as well as inconsistencies in the rims or lids are also compensated for by the system, so the potential for dish jams is eliminated.

Maintaining a clean environment during the dispensing process is essential to ensure a consistent agar plate quality. For this reason the surface of the filling chamber in the system is constructed with an easy-clean, one piece of resistant PE which eliminates potential sources of contamination to ensure convenient and efficient cleaning.

Among the satisfied users of the MEDIAJET system is IZSLER (Istituto Zooprolificato Sperimnetale della Lombardie e dell’Emilia Romangna), Italy’s leading microbiological media kitchen. This facility provides diagnostic services for the Italian food industry, supplying plates to 30 regional labs and they have filled over 1.3 million perfect Petri dishes using the MEDIAJET system. Commenting on the system, Dr. Cesare Berni, IZSLER Media Prep Lab Manager said, ‘The excellent reliability and genuine, walk-away automation provided by the system means that a dedicated operator is almost unnecessary, as one person can take care of many MEDIAJETS’.

Other features include, a built-in ‘Agar Spread Function’ which ensures a homogenous distribution and even surface of the agar. This helps to minimise the agar level in the Petri dish and ensures a significant reduction in media costs. Finally, all the features necessary to support the individual needs of quality control and all relevant process information can be documented using a standard label printer, or by transferring the data to a PC.