Product News: AutoMate Scientific Introduces the New BubbleStop™ Syringe Heater

08 Mar 2011

Stop bubbles in your tubing - AutoMate Scientific introduces the new BubbleStop™ Syringe Heater

Bubbles in perfusion systems are caused by solution temperature changes. As solutions warm, they cannot hold as much gas, so they off-gas. This forms bubbles in perfusion tubing. It is especially true in inline heaters where the temperature rises dramatically.

The best cure for bubbles is to pre-warm your solutions. AutoMate Scientific introduces the BubbleStop™ Syringe Heater with integrated temperature feedback. Set the temperature on the BubbleStop a few degrees higher than room temperature or your inline heater, and the warmed solutions will off-gas in the reservoirs – not in your tubing.

Available in gravity and pressurized configurations with 35 ml or 60 ml syringe reservoirs.

Low noise for electrophysiology. Don't let another bubble slow you down.

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