Product News: New Quantitative AFM Viscoelastic Mapping Techniques for Soft Samples

07 Sep 2012

Asylum Research announces AM-FM and Loss Tangent Imaging, two new complementary imaging modes for viscoelastic mapping that are available in its NanomechPro™ Toolkit.

These tools enable precision nanomechanical measurements of soft samples using the ease, speed and reliability of tried and true tapping mode to quantify stiffness/elasticity, loss modulus and tip-sample dissipation. Stiffness and sensitivity calibration, and automatic elastic Hertz modeling is integrated in the software. This easy-to-use graphical interface allows flexibility and control of all model parameters along with numerous customization possibilities. AM-FM and Loss Tangent offer many benefits over other techniques including:

• Quantitative results on a wide variety of samples
• High speed with demonstrated 10-20Hz line scan rates even on rough samples
• High resolution with repeatable single atomic point defect stiffness resolution
• Frequency feedback and topographic feedback are decoupled, allowing much more stable, robust operation
• Based on tapping mode, a proven, reliable and non-invasive technique

Demonstrations will be performed on Cypher™, the fastest and highest resolution AFM, in Booth 104 at EMC. To schedule a demo, please visit Asylum Research’s website. There will also be a technical talk on September 18th at 11:45am given by Dr. Mick Phillips. The topic of the talk is "AM-FM and Loss Tangent Imaging - Two New Tools for Quantitative Nanomechanical Properties".