Product News: Artel to Demonstrate Multichannel Verification System at MipTec 2010

21 Sep 2010

Artel will showcase the MVS® (Multichannel Verification System) for automated liquid handlers at MipTec 2010 in Basel, Switzerland (September 20-24). The benefits will be demonstrated, including quality assurance of automated liquid handlers.

At its booth, (#J11) Artel will demonstrate its proprietary ratiometric photometry technology, which measures light absorption by two specially formulated dyes in order to verify volume, allowing the MVS to provide volume measurements on a tip-by-tip basis, verifying the accuracy and precision of each dispensing channel, up to 384 channels.

Artel will highlight the benefits that have made the MVS so widely used in a variety of laboratories for quality assurance of automated liquid handlers:

 Optimization and validation of liquid handler methods 
o Allows lab operators to understand the behavior of their liquid handlers to monitor trending, evaluate accuracy and precision, diagnose errors, and optimize methods.
 Facilitation of method transfer by controlling liquid handler parameters
o Makes it easier for lab operators to prevent liquid handling problems during execution of pre-transfer work by understanding their assay and generating effective documentation.
 Standardizes liquid handler quality control
o Ensures measurement consistency between operators, methods and liquid handlers – regardless of make, model manufacturer or location.

“Whether you are working in drug discovery, biopharmaceutical QC, clinical diagnostics, forensic analysis or any other demanding field, you need assurance that the liquid handlers used for your processes are all performing to a common, dependable standard,” said Stefan Schork, Ph.D., Artel Business Development Europe. “Dispensing and measuring one microliter at your lab in Basel should be the same as dispensing and measuring one microliter at your lab in Boston.”
At Miptec, visitors to the Artel booth (#J11) will be able to meet with Artel application specialists to learn more about the benefits of the Artel MVS.

“The developments in liquid handling and laboratory science overall are exciting. At Artel, our goal is to ensure that as liquid handling instrumentation advances, laboratories have at their disposal quality assurance tools that provide a comprehensive assessment of equipment performance,” added Schork.