Product News: Arbor Biosciences Launches Cell-Free Linear DNA Expression System

New E. coli-based Cell-Free Expression System will accelerate synthetic biology research and protein discovery through expression from PCR products and gene fragments

03 Oct 2018

Arbor Biosciences™, a leader in developing synthetic biology research tools, has announced the launch of the myTXTL® Linear DNA Expression Kit as an expansion of their growing cell-free protein production portfolio. This new expression system allows for the use of linear DNA, including PCR products, gene fragments, and synthesized DNA, as input for transcription and translation in an E. coli-based cell-free platform. Removing the requirements for cloning genes into plasmids, transforming cells, and further selecting for clones will greatly accelerate the design-build-test cycle for synthetic biology research and sampling in protein screening applications.

Designed for use in pilot scale studies as well as high-throughput analysis on automated liquid handling platforms, the new myTXTL® Linear DNA Expression System delivers a complete solution for protein research and analysis. The E. coli-based system is provided as a ready-to-use mastermix containing all of the critical components required for cell-free protein production. End-users simply need to add their linear DNA to the master mix and incubate for as little as 30 minutes before analyzing the expressed product.

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“The myTXTL® Linear DNA Expression System provides an essential tool kit for accelerating synthetic biology research and protein discovery in institutions across the globe,” stated Evelyn Eggenstein, PhD, Product Development Scientist at Arbor Biosciences. “Removing the time-consuming hurdles of cloning and transforming cells was a major request from our clients.”

An official launch for the myTXTL® Linear DNA Expression System will occur at SynBioBeta 2018, the annual conference bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers and practitioners to drive the synthetic biology industry forward, occurring in San Francisco, CA from October 1-3, 2018. The system will be available for immediate shipment at this time in 24 and 96 reaction kit sizes as well as in bulk for high-throughput users.