Product News: Anton Paar Polarimeters: New LED Light Source and Air Pump for Sample Cells Maximize Lifetime and Ease of Use

08 May 2015

Anton Paar is the technology leader in polarimetry. With their FillingCheck™ camera monitoring the sample inside the cell, automatic recognition of sample cells and quartz plates, and best-in-class temperature control the Anton Paar MCP polarimeters already set the standards in terms of ease of use and traceability. In order to minimize downtime, Anton Paar now launches a new LED light source. A new integrated air pump makes cleaning and drying sample cells a lot more convenient.

Maximal lifetime, minimal downtime: With the new long-life LED in each single-wavelength model (100,000 hours lifetime at sodium D wavelength), the established MCP polarimeter family requires virtually no maintenance. This maximizes the availability of the instrument, avoids interruptions during measurements and keeps service costs at a minimum. The new generation phosphor-coated LEDs now exceed the intensity of Tungsten halogen lamps, so the instrument can measure samples up to the same optical density of 4. Should an upgrade to multiple wavelengths be required in the future, the LED unit can easily be replaced on site.

Ease of use: As sometimes only a limited amount of sample is available, the prevention of contamination in the cell is essential. The MCP polarimeters can be equipped with an air pump to discharge the previous sample or the blank from the cell and to dry the inside before introducing the product. Disassembling the cell for drying is not required at all.

Anton Paar’s MCP polarimeters – the right solution for high-quality analysis in the pharmaceutical industry.