Product News: Antibodies Are Good but Aptamers Can Be Better

09 May 2014

Aptamers are oligonucleic acids that bind to a specific target molecule. These ssDNA/ssRNA ligands have demonstrated comparable affinity and specificity but benefits such as smaller size, stability, and synthetic nature make them more optimal in many research and diagnostic applications.

Base Pair Biotechnologies, Inc. recently began offering custom aptamer generation services and delivering validated aptamers to commercial, government, and academic researchers worldwide, leveraging over 2 million dollars in grants to offer catalog aptamers in an online catalog.

Want to learn more about how aptamers can decrease diagnostic cost, and improve pH and temperature fluctuations?

Watch a 1 minute introduction to our aptamer services and catalog here.

Learn more about the advantages of aptamers over current antibody solutions by watching a short video here.