Product News: Analytik Jena AG Lauches New Gene Assembly Robot at SynBioBETA London 2015

28 Apr 2015

CyBio launch their low cost Gene Assembly robot, the GeneTheatre, at the 3 rd SynBioBETA meeting, hosted by SynBiCITE, Imperial College London. The GeneTheatre is a small footprint benchtop liquid handler from Analytik Jena’s CyBio Product Line. It has been released to fill the demand within the synthetic biology community for an affordable liquid handling device to automate multiple gene assemblies and associated procedures such as PCR setup. The GeneTheatre executes the same XML-based Gibson, golden gate, and other gene assembly protocols as the well-known CyBi ® -FeliX gene assembler. It will utilise Analytik Jena’s reagent kits for DNA purification post reaction.

CyBio Northern Europe Limited, the UK subsidiary of Analytik Jena, will be providing the first unit to Synthace, the London based synthetic biology company, to work with their Antha experimental design and workflow software right after delivery. This is a continuation of Cybio’s ongoing investment in supporting open interfaces to Cybio equipment, which enables the direct integration of the equipment with emerging synthetic biology design and workflow management technologies such as Antha.