Product News: Alere™ Toxicology is Committed to Delivering Exceptional Drug Testing Solutions and Connected Access to Results

27 Jul 2016

Alere™ Toxicology is committed to delivering exceptional drug testing solutions and connected access to results. Its comprehensive products and services include laboratory testing, instrumented test systems, rapid screening devices, and an integrated collection network.

From rapid screening to full laboratory confirmation testing, Alere Toxicology offers a complete solution for all of your drug and alcohol detection needs. Whether you need a program for workplace testing, criminal justice testing, medication monitoring, or addiction treatment, Alere Toxicology has got you covered. Technology and services from Alere Toxicology allow you to incorporate industry best practices, which may include laboratory confirmation testing at one of three Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) certified facilities, and one dedicated to medication monitoring.


Some products included here are:

- Alere™ Suite of Drug Screening Devices

- Alere Triage® TOX Drug Screen

- Alere DDS®2 Mobile Test System

- xReader™ Drug Screening System

- Urine HEIA™ Reagents


Learn more about the Alere DDS®2 Mobile Test System in this video: