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Product News: Agilent highlights automated workflow solutions at SLAS2023

02 Mar 2023

Agilent Technologies Inc. recently highlighted a suite of automated laboratory workflow solutions at the SLAS2023 International Conference and Exhibition. 

There is growing pressure on labs to deliver high-quality results while streamlining operations, reducing costs, and increasing revenue. The modular automation solutions address a wide array of workflows, including cell analysis, genomics, proteomics, biomolecule analysis, and mass spectrometry in non-regulated and regulated environments.

Automating processes and workflows allows scientists and lab techncians to use their time more effectively and focus on higher-value, more productive tasks. Automated sample preparation is streamlined, more accurate, enhances reproducibility, and ultimately enables more confident decisions.

Lars Kristiansen, general manager of Automation Solutions Business at Agilent, commented, “Agilent’s modular workflow solutions are designed to integrate easily and work together seamlessly to reduce or eliminate the risk of human errors. Agilent’s Digital Lab enables and automates these activities to keep end users focused on their science. We look forward to sharing more information at SLAS this year”.