Product News: Acura manual micropipettes – Premium working comfort

Learn more about the Acura manual micropipettes from Socorex and how they are designed to provide superior working comfort and reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury

07 Sep 2022

Ergonomics is a keyword when performing long pipetting series and routine tests. From instrument position in the hand to smoothest activation, every single detail of the Acura® manual pipette line is designed to contribute to superior working comfort and reduction of hand fatigue.

The optimal shape of the finger rest is designed to maintain the instrument in position while pipetting. The volume setting button allows rapid adjustment, even when wearing gloves. Located on the front instrument side, the display window is always clearly visible during pipetting.

Soft springs and PTFE sleeves reduce friction and make plunger activation smoother than ever. A large surface ejector button provides for low-pressure activation. In addition to ease of tip ejection, the JustipTM shaft height adjustment system allows a wide selection of tips to tightly fit the nozzle. This proved to be essential when laboratories have limited options to select their pipette tips.

The Acura® manual pipettes are available as micro-, macro- and multichannel models. Each instrument bears its own serial number and passes strict performance control attested by an individual QC certificate. Combined with Qualitix® pipette tips, the line provides performance results and has a three-year warranty.

Acura® manual pipettes in cost-effective packs

The TriopackTM is a ready-to-use set including three Acura® manual adjustable micropipettes, a sample of Qualitix® pipette tips, a QC certificate, and operating instructions.

There are nine different packs with volumes stretching between 0.1 µL to 10 mL. From molecular biology and genetics to microbiology, cell culture, and environmental analytics, this pipette pack selection offers convenient instrument combinations for any laboratory needs. Available at attractive saver prices, these sets match today’s budget constraints.

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