Product News: Accuracy to the nth Degree with Tecan’s Freedom EVO® Platform

02 Apr 2009

The speed and accuracy of Tecan’s Freedom EVO liquid handling workstation is helping researchers at Quanterix Corporation in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to develop their revolutionary SiMoA™ (Single Molecule Array) technology.

Jeffrey Randall, principal scientist at Quanterix, explained why they chose the Freedom EVO workstation: “Our SiMoA technology allows us to detect single molecules, making it ideal for the quantification of low abundance analytes and biomarkers. Accurate control of pipetting volumes is important to us because our assays are at least 1,000 times more sensitive than traditional bulk ELISA. The Freedom EVO platform offers very reproducible pipetting, allowing us to ramp up throughput without sacrificing consistency, something we could not achieve with other automated liquid handling systems we looked at.”

Todd Campbell, senior automation engineer, added: “We use the platform as a research and development tool to optimize our assays. The Freedom EVO offers the flexibility we need to make these changes because protocols are continuously evolving. The software is extremely easy to use and this, combined with Tecan’s excellent support, has enabled us to develop our system very quickly to begin sample testing.”