Product News: Accuracy, safety and convenience for sample- and standards-prep in analytical cannabis laboratories

02 Aug 2022

Analytical cannabis laboratories face a number of challenges in sample preparation. Extraction of samples from varied matrices for testing is tedious and time consuming, and it makes sense to streamline the process wherever possible for highest throughput. 

When extracting numerous samples, a safe and convenient way is with a BRAND® Dispensette® S bottletop dispenser which fits onto most solvent and reagent bottles and has the option of a flexible discharge tube. The flexible discharge tube facilitates filling racks of tubes—simply move the discharge tube from sample tube to sample tube and dispense, rather than bring each tube to the dispenser. The tubing is coiled to keep it out of the way, while a textured, weighted safety handle helps prevent ‘spring back’ if the coiled tubing is dropped. Made from inert PTFE, the flexible discharge tube will help maintain the purity of the solvents. The Dispensette® S is designed to operate one-handed – freeing up the other hand for the flexible discharge tube. The proven design is robust, and has a number of distinguishing safety features. It also disassembles easily for cleaning, for a long service life. Choose from the Dispensette® S for polar organics and many acids, and the Dispensette® S Organic for concentrated acids, and most organics. Adjustable volume models are available to dispense volumes as small as 1 mL with the flexible discharge tube to volumes as large as 100 mL. Accuracy of most sizes of Dispensette® S is <±0.5% at nominal capacity.

When preparing chromatography standards for reference, accurate pipetting is required to ensure the linearity of your standard curves. The BRAND® Transferpette® S pipette is uniquely well suited for the task. Featuring true one-handed operation, the smooth micrometer makes volume adjustments easy and the volume lock helps prevent drift during pipetting. A four-digit display that is visible whether using left- or right-handed helps ensure proper setting. When working with smaller volumes, the sub-micro Transferpette® S has unsurpassed accuracy in the microliter and smaller range. Nearly all sizes can be used with standard ‘universal’ tips, so you do not get locked into a single tip source. The Transferpette® S is also user-serviceable, and can be disassembled for cleaning and other routine maintenance, helping ensure the integrity of the pipetted samples. If you are using volumetric flasks to prepare your standards, the aforementioned Dispensette® S with flexible discharge tube can be used to facilitate the initial filling of the flask prior to setting the meniscus to the mark.

Analytical cannabis laboratories are met with challenges to deliver high-quality output, increase sample volume, and meet new regulations. BrandTech® Scientific offers the lab tools required to streamline the accuracy of your testing processes and maintain a safe environment. 

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