Product News: Walkaway operation and around the clock monitoring for Tecan’s Infinite® M1000 PRO

17 Apr 2014

Tecan’s Infinite® M1000 PRO multimode reader now offers stress-free, walkaway batch processing for up to 50 microplates using the integrated Stacker module and Common Notification System (CNS) software.

The Infinite M1000 PRO is Tecan’s premium multimode microplate reader, offering outstanding performance for demanding applications in drug discovery, assay development and life sciences research. Using premium Quad4 Monochromators™ technology, it provides total freedom of wavelength selection, enabling instant access to new wavelengths and flexible bandwidth settings as your assay requirements change.

Recent updates to Tecan’s CNS app mean that customers can now remotely monitor their Infinite M1000 PRO through any networked computer or mobile device using Magellan™ software (v7.2). This convenient app offers increased walkaway time, giving laboratory scientists the freedom to perform other tasks while their assays are running. This innovative feature allows users to easily check if their Infinite reader is performing a measurement, awaiting a predefined user action, or ready for the next assay plate. In combination with Infinite’s integrated Stacker module, it offers remote batch processing for up to 50 individual microplates, providing a convenient status update at the touch of a button. Together with the existing Freedom EVO® Remote for monitoring of liquid handling instruments, this latest addition to the CNS portfolio provides complete peace of mind for walkaway laboratory automation.

Download the CNS app.