Product News: Top Cancer Researchers to Showcase Performance Data at AACR Annual Meeting

09 Apr 2014

RainDance Technologies, Inc., a genomics tools company simplifying the analysis of complex genetics, has announced the availability of its ThunderBolts™ Cancer Panel, a comprehensive next-generation DNA sequencing (NGS)solution that enables researchers to profile a wide range of tumor samples in fewer than two days for as low as $100 per sample. During this week’s American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting, several prominent cancer researchers and collaborators in RainDance’s First Access Program (FAP) will present their latest findings demonstrating the product’s high sensitivity, low starting sample requirements and simple workflow in breast, colorectal, esophageal, and pancreatic cancer studies. These leading researchers will share their data and experience using the ThunderBolts Cancer Panel for profiling tumor samples and the RainDrop Digital™ PCR System for follow-up mutation validation.

“With the launch of the ThunderBolts Cancer Panel, RainDance now has a portfolio of research products aimed at elucidating genetic targets for cancer risk predisposition, initial detection, pathology and residual disease,” said Roopom Banerjee, President and CEO of RainDance. “We have assembled an exciting group of thought leaders who are demonstrating what is possible by unlocking genomic information hidden in millions of biopsies and biobanks. Moving forward, this type of research will not only change the way cancer is understood, but ultimately, how it is detected and monitored.”

ThunderBolts Cancer Panel Advantages
The ThunderBolts Cancer Panel targets 50 important and well known cancer genes, including the content found on the Ion Torrent AmpliSeq™ Cancer Hotspot Panel v2 and Illumina TruSeq® Amplicon Cancer Panel products. The panel features a fast, simple workflow that is optimized for Illumina NGS systems and compatible with FFPE samples with as low as 10 ng of starting DNA. The panel runs on the same compact $50,000 RainDrop Source Instrument and consumables as the RainDrop Digital PCR System. Researchers gain rapid, accurate cancer mutation profiles for as low as $100 per sample.