Product News: Test Medical Cannabis Potency with Greater Accuracy Using Restek's New DEA-Exempt CBDA Certified Reference Material

09 May 2014

As part of its commitment to the emerging industry of medical cannabis analysis, Restek has expanded the most comprehensive selection of cannabinoid-related reference standards by adding cannabidiolic acid (CBDA, cat.# 34094).

This diluted standard is DEA-exempt, so there's no need to purchase costly neat materials or make your own standards, and it is prepared in acetonitrile, which helps maintain stability by preventing methylation of the carboxylic acid group on the molecule. Paired with Restek's THC standards, it is perfect for the analysis of both neutrals and acids in cannabis products by LC and is a must for accurate quantification in medical cannabis potency testing and strain ID. Restek's CBDA standard is also a certified reference material (CRM)—the first and only CBDA CRM on the market—so you know that it meets strict ISO quality requirements.

From potency to pesticides analysis, Restek offers the LC and GC chromatography columns, CRMs, accessories, and sample prep supplies—as well as technical literature and support—needed for accurate, reliable medical marijuana analysis. Learn more about Restek's products and resources and start growing your medical cannabis testing business today.