Product News: Siemens Unveils New Chemistry and Immunoassay Systems at IFCC 2014

23 Jun 2014

New automation-ready analyzers launched at IFCC WorldLab 2014

Today, Siemens Healthcare introduces the ADVIA Chemistry XPT System1 and ADVIA Centaur XPT Immunoassay System1 at IFCC WorldLab 2014 in Istanbul, Turkey, June 22-26. The newest in the company’s portfolio of chemistry and immunoassay instruments for the central laboratory, the ADVIA Chemistry XPT System and ADVIA Centaur XPT Immunoassay System are designed to enable continuous operations, facilitate delivery of timely, accurate results, and ease training.

“Faced with ever-increasing testing demands, our customers need easy-to-use solutions that enhance workflow and quickly provide results that support delivery of high-quality patient care,” said Franz Walt, CEO, Chemistry, Immunoassay, Automation and Diagnostics IT Business Unit, Diagnostics Division, Siemens Healthcare. “Our new chemistry and immunoassay systems are specifically engineered to help meet these demands by increasing the lab’s workflow efficiency and delivering clinical excellence.”

The ADVIA Chemistry XPT System provides predictable turnaround times, and ultimately supports better patient care, through unique sample management capabilities via a combination of micro-volume technology and aliquot retention. This, in addition to VeriSmart Technology, which is a combination of hardware and software verification checks for all stages of sample processing, enables delivery of fast, high-quality test results. Other features include a new intuitive, icon-driven user interface to simplify training and operation, and a status light which makes system alerts visible from anywhere in the laboratory. Further, to support continuous operation, which is particularly critical in high volume environments, the ADVIA Chemistry XPT System offers easy maintenance, programmable automated calibration and quality control (QC), and automated startup and shutdown procedures.

The ADVIA Centaur XPT Immunoassay System is designed to facilitate efficient and reliable delivery of test results to support clinicians in the screening, diagnosis and monitoring of the most complex diseases. Its user interface features powerful, easy-to-use software with extensive data management capabilities, and intelligent soft-ware algorithms which support laboratory management of results by automatically providing effective diagnostic testing strategies. Also, the system does not require pausing and is always ready to load and unload specimens, reagents and supplies, even while processing patient samples, to enable continuous operations. Further, the ADVIA Centaur XPT System uses a 2D barcode which scans the information laboratories need to update an existing or upload a new test and report results, thus expediting this process.

Both systems are automation-ready, and can be connected to Siemens’ Aptio Automation, the company’s latest track-based automation system. They require no additional robotics, and utilize point-in-space technology which allows for sampling directly from the automation track. Also, the ADVIA Chemistry XPT System and ADVIA Centaur XPT System can be connected to the company’s CentraLink Data Management System, which streamlines workflow across automation, IT and instruments, and Siemens Remote Service (SRS).

1. Under development. Not available for sale. Product availability may vary from country to country and is subject to varying regulatory requirements.