Product News: Shimadzu’s LabSolutions DB and CS Complete LC and GC Chromatography Software Family

10 Apr 2014

Shimadzu, one of the world leaders in analytical instrumentation, introduces its LabSolutions chromatography software with integrated data management for workstation or network use. This new release of the LabSolutions DB and CS version completes the chromatography software family with a database embedded stand-alone and a database assisted Client / Server software package. It is an easy-to-use interface offering remote analysis operation without any special software requirement. Users benefit from advanced server, database, project, security and user management.

Client server function
From a client PC on the network, operators are able to carry out the analysis and monitor or remotely control the instrument. They can check the instrument and analysis status of the entire system or run a postrun analysis. The same operations can be performed on all client PCs so the optimum environment can be established according to the size of the laboratory.

Support of terminal service, compatibility with Citrix XenApp
Using the functions of the Windows terminal server and Citrix, LabSolutions when installed on a terminal server enables use on a client PC without LabSolutions (S/W). This reduces validation and S/W update work significantly. Using the Citrix XenApp, it is also possible to operate the LabSolutions software on an iPad. This is an interesting option to be considered as laboratory bench space is limited, and there is an ongoing trend towards electronic lab journals and use of tablet PCs.

Seamless database management
Analysis results on LabSolutions are registered automatically in a database in which data can be viewed, and postrun analysis can be per-formed seamlessly, just like using files on a PC. Since data no longer needs to be decompressed, access speed is much faster.

Project management
A series of related analyses are defined as a project: Users and instruments can be assigned to it. Only registered users have access to the data, thereby ensuring data security and prevents incorrect operation. Applying the comprehensive user administration, users can quickly check necessary logs just by viewing and printing out instrument operation log and user management log for each project.

Strong support for compliance with regulations
An audit trail is provided for configuration settings, methods and data as well as for batch tables and report formats. The system management functions also provide, synchronization between Windows domain user accounts and LabSolutions users.

Integrated data management using a network
LabSolutions database enables sharing of user and data management for the existing CLASS-Agent network systems: all data from analytical instruments can be managed integrally. Unique ID is appended to LC/GC data stored in the LabSolutions database, which is also output in reports. A consistent link between analysis results reports and electronic records stored in the database is thereby ensured.