Product News: Quantachrome Instruments Announces the Release of the New Vstar™ Vapor Sorption Analyzer

12 Jun 2014

There is a new star in the Quantachrome lineup of precision sorption analyzers!

The Vstar™ vapor sorption analyzer goes beyond water sorption to provide vapor sorption analysis using a wide variety of organic vapors at a wide range of temperatures.

Quantachrome announces the release of the Vstar™ vapor sorption analyzer, the latest in a proud family of precision sorption analyzers, which includes the Autosorb iQ for micropore analysis and cutting edge research, the Autosorb 6iSA for high throughput surface area and pore analysis, the Nova for low-cost routine analysis, and the Aquadyne DVS for gravimetric water sorption measurements.
The Vstar™ provides a fast, accurate, and reliable means of obtaining water sorption isotherms on a wide variety of materials, but it doesn’t stop there. The Vstar™ also can measure adsorption isotherms of a variety of organic vapors, providing insight into the materials’ resistance to organic vapors, viability as an adsorbent for these vapors in storage or sequestration applications, and information on the chemical properties of these materials.

Simultaneous analysis
The Vstar™ is available in one-, two-, three-, or four-station models, each of which is available with a variety of options. The ability to analyze up to 4 samples simultaneously (on the Vstar™ 4) provides unprecedented throughput; superior manifold temperature control ensures the highest accuracy; independent sample temperature control (with additional circulators) and wider sample temperature range provide maximum flexibility; and a high-vacuum option enables analysis of microporous materials. Meticulous control of the manifold temperature from the vapor source to the sample eliminates the possibility of local condensation of the adsorptive and ensures the most accurate analysis possible.

Pharmaceutical excipients and material hydrophobicity
The Vstar™ has benefits for many applications. For material science, the hydrophobicity of the material as well as its affinity to water and organic vapors can be quickly and accurately determined. The effects of humidity on pharmaceutical excipients and active ingredients can be measured in a fraction of the time of existing techniques. The Vstar™ can measure the resistance to moisture of building materials, and tolerance of solvents and other organic materials. For the food industry vapor sorption measurements of the raw ingredients and the finished products can provide valuable insight for the optimization of formulations.