Product News: New USB Interface Compact PMT Module

04 Mar 2015

Hamamatsu Photonics introduces a new compact PMT module to its already extensive range; the H11890 series of USB powered photon counting PMT modules.

The new H11890 series contain a metal package PMT along with a high-speed photon counting circuit and high-voltage power supply unit. Photon counting measurement is simply done by connecting the module to a PC via USB, which also provides the necessary power to operate the unit. In addition, the USB interface allows the user to control the counter gate time and other necessary adjustments by commands from the PC. The H11890 series also provides excellent count linearity with correction performed by an internal processing unit.

On offer within the series are three different types covering the UV-VIS-NIR range, using either super or ultra-bialkali photocathodes for increased quantum efficiency in the visible region, or multialkali for extended infrared sensitivity.