Product News: New Instrument from Thermo Scientific Offers Fast Transfer of Proteins for Western Blot Detection

07 Apr 2014

A new instrument is now available that offers fast transfer of proteins from polyacrylamide gels to typical Western blot membranes, for subsequent antibody detection, speeding up Western blot methods. Thermo Fisher Scientific showcased these solutions during analytica 2014.

The Thermo Scientific Pierce G2 Fast Blotter provides researchers a tool to perform rapid semi-dry transfer of 10-350kDa proteins from polyacrylamide gels to nitrocellulose or PVDF membranes, for subsequent Western blot detection. When used with the Thermo Scientific Pierce1-Step Transfer Buffer, the Pierce G2 Fast Blotter transfers proteins in 5-10 minutes without the need for gel pre-equilibration. This significant reduction in protein transfer time is accomplished by optimizing the ionic strength of the transfer buffer and increasing the current [amps (A)/cm2] flowing through the transfer stack.

The Pierce G2 Blotter has an easy-to-use color LCD touchscreen with pre-programmed transfer methods that allow users to quickly create, run and save custom transfer methods. The system has been verified to work with commonly used pre-cast and homemade SDS-PAGE gels and can be used to simultaneously transfer up to four mini-sized gels or two midi-sized gels.

The Pierce G2 Blotter is the most recent addition to the Thermo Scientific line of Western blot instruments and reagents, which includes the Thermo Scientific MYECL Imager for Western blot capture and analysis and the popular Thermo Scientific SuperSignal Substrates.