Product News: New ATR Accessory Enables Cost Effective Analysis of Materials and Mixtures in Minutes

07 Apr 2014

Industrial, government and academic laboratories operating on a limited budget can now quickly obtain high-quality spectroscopic data and perform complete mixture analyses using a new attenuated total reflectance (ATR) accessory and accompanying FT-IR spectrometer. Thermo Fisher Scientific introduced the iD7 ATR accessory at analytica 2014.

Combining the new Thermo Scientific iD7 ATR accessory with the Thermo Scientific Nicolet iS5 FT-IR spectrometer and Thermo Scientific OMNIC Specta software, users can analyze complex samples easily with a rapid return-on-investment. Using a high-performance monolithic diamond, the iD7 ATR provides the robustness necessary to analyze hard solid samples as well as liquids and powders. The optional zinc selenide or germanium crystals, in easily swappable plates, provide users flexibility in price and applications. OMNIC Specta software moves users from sample to final report efficiently, and its multi-component and contaminant analysis tools complete the package.

“The iD7 ATR accessory furthers our goal of making advanced analytical spectroscopy accessible to as many laboratories as possible,” says Mike Garry, FT-IR product manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific. “With this user-friendly, low-cost combination of accessory, spectrometer and software, we offer new levels of high-performance analysis to users of any skill level, from students to experienced professionals.”

Additionally, the accessory offers:
• Enhanced information about your sample by not limiting the spectral range;
• Dependable operation using a proprietary crystal mounting system – no epoxy, no laminates
• Plug-and-play readiness with automatic recognition and parameter setup helps identify materials with little user effort.