Product News: In the News this Week: Detecting Counterfeit Whisky, Biomarker for Concussion & Boosting Drugs Using Albumin Based Technology

23 May 2014

Read our top news stories from this week:

Dr Darrell Sleep Talks to SelectScience about Albumin and its Power to Boost Existing Drugs
SelectScience interviewed Dr Darrell Sleep from Novozymes BioPharma about this revolutionary new albumin based technology and the benefits to the Drug Discovery & Development industry.

Is Your Scotch Whisky Counterfeit? – An Interview with Professor Dholakia
Many of us enjoy a dram of whisky every now and then, but how can we be sure that our tipple has not been counterfeited? SelectScience Editor Lois Manton spoke to Professor Kishan Dholakia, a leading scientist from the University of St Andrews, about a method he has developed to easily detect counterfeit Scotch whisky, thus protecting this important industry.

Could There Soon Be a Blood Test for Depression?
A new study shows that a blood test is possible, in principle, for diagnosing depression and could become reality in the not too distant future.

New Software Platform for Enhanced Pathology Education
A new platform for pathology training and collaboration provides provides pathologists and educators with tools to build interactive training, from course development to student evaluation, and can be used to quickly and easily share scanned images with colleagues around the globe.

New Diagnostic Test Could Detect Blood Biomarker for Concussion in Athletes
A new blood test for Tau protein could help to diagnose traumatic brain injuries and concussions.