Product News: In the News this Week: Caffeine and Sports Performance, New Diabetes Assay & Controlling Gene Expression

04 Jul 2014

Read our top stories in the news this week:

Caffeine Effects on Sporting Performance – Part 1: Metabolism Studies
With the World Cup in Brazil capturing the eyes of the world and the start of the Tour de France this week (unusually, this year’s famous French cycle race begins in Yorkshire, England), SelectScience is looking at the slightly controversial performance-enhancing effects of caffeine.

Adiponectin – New Diabetes Assay Identifies At Risk Patients
The extensive diabetes assay range available from Randox Laboratories has been further expanded with the recent addition of the new CE marked adiponectin assay.

RNA-Seq Webinar Describes Novel Insights into the Control of Gene Expression
Oxford Gene Technology (OGT), The Molecular Genetics Company, has made the latest in its series of educational webinars available to watch online. In the webinar entitled “Developing new insights into gene expression using RNA-Seq”, Dr Christopher Jones, Research Fellow at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS), UK, presents novel findings from a recent RNA-Seq project performed by OGT.

New High Content Screening Platform for Quantitative Cell-Based Imaging
Cell biologists have a new imaging and analysis software available to them that offers speed, flexibility and efficiency for large-scale, high-throughput biology, including complex morphological analyses of cells, cell structure, and aggregations of cells in colonies. While robust, the platform is also simple enough to be applied to everyday assays such as viability and proliferation.

Drug Discovery & Development Community News Round-Up
Read about the latest news in the Drug Discovery & Development community this month, including a new method for histone modifier screening, an article about ‘onion’ vesicles, and an innovative new method of drug delivery.