Product News: ISO 15189 Made Easier

20 Jun 2014

Commercial Control Materials Provide Accuracy and Consistency

Laboratories looking to implement the new ISO 15189 standards for UKAS accreditation will have to demonstrate that their testing service follows defined quality assurance levels, performing with competence and consistency. That means removing risks of variability wherever possible.

Control materials that follow the patient pathway can assist with this by providing greater confidence in test system results, over controls that use artificial materials, or that do not enumerate accurately over a number of parameters.

Streck controls, available exclusively from Alpha Laboratories Ltd, do exactly that. They contain true cellular material that undergoes the same procedural conditions as a patient sample. Available for numerous analytes each control provides at least two clinically relevant ranges. Whether you need haematology controls, are testing a urine sample on an automated microscopy system, or running samples through a flow cytometry system, Streck has a control for you that will mirror the treatment of your patient samples.

Similarly the Alpha Labs range of PrecisionBioLogic products for haemostasis brings convenience, efficiency and quality with ready-to-use frozen format controls, reference plasmas and assays. The buffered, frozen products ensure consistency vial to vial and prevent reconstitution errors. Every lot has an assay certificate providing full traceability and the long shelf life saves time by reducing the frequency of standardisation between lot changes.

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