Product News: ICT Introduces Two New HRP Conjugate Stabilizer Formulations

27 May 2014

ICT's HRP (Horseradish Peroxidase) Conjugate Stabilizer formulations allow you to dilute and reconstitute HRP-conjugated antibodies while preserving native protein configuration and activity, maintain signal-generating capabilities of HRP-conjugated antibodies during storage, and inhibit nonspecific binding and minimize background signal.

Neptune™ HRP Conjugate Stabilizer, Non-Mammalian, 1X is especially suited for ELISAs using anti-IgG HRP conjugates within traditional antigen-down or antibody sandwich formats. Its proprietary formula also stabilizes the HRP conjugate during storage and enhances the bond between detection HRP conjugated antibody and target antigen or antibody.

HRP Conjugate Stabilizer, Mammalian, 1X inhibits the HRP conjugate from binding to nonspecific serum proteins in the sample, thereby reducing conjugate bridging on the ELISA plate surface and reducing non-specific background noise.