Product News: Gael and Vedant Health Join Forces to Simplify and Improve Blood Bank Validation Processes

16 Jun 2014

Gael Ltd has joined forces with Vedant Health to supply healthcare organisations with an alternative to manual testing for system validation, certification and results storage.

The partnership between Gael and Vedant will add real value to healthcare organisations by creating a simple and secure solution for blood bank validation processes. Vedant’s unique requirement-based validation services ensure healthcare organisations meet stringent blood bank specifications, and the collaboration between both organisations will provide a new level of results and documentation management for regulatory review.

Vedant Health combines the power of their intelligent automation product, TestStream, with experienced and certified ASCP and SBB blood bankers to deliver an AABB and FDA conforming documentation package. This requirements-based validation delivers documentation that links the validation steps to the specific requirements.

Gael’s flagship quality management solution, Q-Pulse, provides an electronic centralized system for managing all compliance data, materials and activities. Q-Pulse can manage healthcare business functions efficiently and effectively in order to assure patients, the public and staff of the quality and safety of services.

Currently, the healthcare industry widely uses manual forms of testing, which can take weeks or months to complete and, as a result, limits the amount of tests that can be carried out. By combining these two solutions, Gael and Vedant are adding value to the validation processes.

Through the automation of testing, healthcare organisations are now able to complete thousands more tests, decreasing the time, resources and costs typically associated with manual testing.

Gael’s Global Business Manager, Gerry Foley, said: "We are delighted to be partnering with Vedant Health. The alliance between Gael and Vedant enables customers to meet their governance and compliance requirements more efficiently and more effectively. By utilizing our respective solutions, Q-Pulse and TestStream, customers and external auditors benefit from having policies, procedures and validated test results stored in a secure, controlled environment."

In addition to the automation of testing, storage has also been a challenge in the healthcare industry. Most regulatory agencies worldwide require validation testing results to be stored for seven years, therefore storing them in a central location, and ensuring they cannot be deleted, is vital.
By storing both Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) documents and validation test results in the same location using Q-Pulse, regulatory inspectors have all the information they need for their review in a single, secure location. In addition, Q-Pulse has auditing and secure access functionality, ensuring results are fully protected and cannot be modified following validation.

Raymond Bell, CEO of Vedant Health said: "The storage of validation documentation has always been a problem for customers and Gael's Q-Pulse product solves this immediately. We are pleased to be partnering with Gael as the collaboration of TestStream's validation strength plus Gael's sophisticated quality management solution allows the results to be stored safely and securely. This alliance provides a complete package for blood banks and regulatory inspectors."

Through global expansion, Gael is continually seeking new partners to support its sector strategies, to collectively add value to the solutions and services offered to customers.

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