Product News: EKF Diagnostics Acquires Selah Genomics, Inc. and DiaSpect Medical AB

24 Apr 2014

Enhancing hemoglobin analysis and personalized medicine

EKF Diagnostics, the global in vitro diagnostics business, announces that it has acquired Selah Genomics, Inc. and DiaSpect Medical AB. Sweden based DiaSpect manufactures desktop hemoglobin analyzers, whilst Selah, of South Carolina is a service provider that supplies molecular diagnostics tests for the development of personalized medicine.

The integration of DiaSpect’s product line into the existing portfolio of EKF hemaglobin analyzers will enable the provision of an analyzer to meet any need. The patented DiaSpect Hb-system provides instant results from one drop of whole blood. It is suitable for use in dry, humid conditions, and the broad-spectrum photometer together with the reagent-free cuvette offers outstanding reliability and cost-effectiveness. This desktop device will join the point of care Hemo Control (Hemo Point H2 in the US) and the hand-held, portable STAT-Site hemoglobin analyzer.

The acquisition of Selah Genomics enables EKF to extend its molecular diagnostics offering to support healthcare providers and the pharmaceutical industry with advanced molecular and genomic diagnostic services. This easy-to-use service provides doctors with a sample kit, and once they have obtained a swab from the patient, it is simply sealed and posted back for analysis. Resulting data can be used to develop personalized treatment plans.

Combined with the recent aquisition of Seperation Technology, Inc. this purchase has strengthened EKF’s product and services offering, positioning EKF at the forefront ofpoint of care hematology testing provision. EKF now offers a comprehensive and cost-effective product range, as well as meaningfully participating in personalized medicine; an area which is quickly becoming key within the IVD industry.

Julian Baines, CEO of EKF commented, “These aquisitions provide us with a huge opportunity to establish ourselves as a leading global player in point of care hemaglobin testingand to consider our position in molecular diagnostics and personalized medicine, an area whichwe consider to be one of the most exciting in diagnostics.“

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