Product News: torchV10 Brings the Next Generation of Molecule Design to the Desktop

25 Oct 2012

Cresset, innovative provider of software and services, announces the release of torchV10, a complete desktop molecular design and 3D SAR tool for medicinal chemists.

torchV10 uses molecular fields to show the binding patterns of your compounds. This protein’s eye view gives clear insights into the causes of biological activity.

Working with torchV10, medicinal chemists can see how to optimize the shape and electrostatic properties of their series, and rapidly identify the best next molecule to synthesize.

Cresset CEO, Dr Robert Scoffin said, “We believe that molecular fields are the most intuitive way of assessing biological activity. We would like every chemist to access the power of fields so that they can truly understand the mechanisms by which their leads interact with targets. torchV10 is such an easy to use desktop tool that it brings these insights within the reach of every medicinal chemist.”

torchV10 is a powerful molecule design and 3D SAR tool for medicinal chemists. Use it to take leaps in compound design while maintaining or improving biological activity. Compare actives and inactives from multiple series, gathering the best from each. Employ this knowledge in the next design iteration using the in-built molecular editor for immediate feedback.

torchV10 gives you the ability to relate to molecules by biological activity. Molecules from the same or different series are compared as the protein sees them, enabling you to:
• Perfect the design of new lead compounds, exploring a range of lead optimization ideas.
• Get the most from your lab time by prioritizing compounds for synthesis.
• Design focused libraries for synthesis or initial screening.
• View ADME profiles and off-target activity prediction on all designs.