Product News: CAS DataLoggers Offers New Lyophilization Data Logger

11 Jun 2014

CAS DataLoggers and MadgeTech have partnered to introduce the NEW LyoTemp Data Logger, designed for use in ultra-low operating temperatures for monitoring processes such as Lyophilization. The new data logger records temperatures as low as -60°C (-76°F) and utilizes a USB Docking Station (sold separately) to communicate with a personal computer. The LyoTemp data logger offers users a smart, affordable solution for a wide range of applications including the preparation of biological pharmaceuticals, dry ice shipments, and monitoring plasma and red cell freezers. With a compact design, simple installation, and minimal Long-Term Maintenance, the new LyoTemp Data Logger is the ideal solution for your ultra-low process monitoring.

The LyoTemp Lyophilization Data Logger has an operating range of -60°C to 75°C, and is designed with a hermetically sealed thermistor temperature-sensing element in a long thin flexible cable form, making it ideal for monitoring products during the lyophilization process. Users can set the sampling rate to take a temperature reading once every 5 seconds up to once every 30 minutes. The data logger’s large memory can store up to 32,767 readings with a software-configurable memory wrap.

The LyoTemp has three LED indicators to alert users of current logging status and the device also has manual start and stop options. Other features of the LyoTemp include delayed start configuration, real-time recording, user configurable alarms and password protection. The LyoTemp requires minimal maintenance and with average use will require annual calibration. Its compact size and simple operation make the LyoTemp user-friendly and reliable.

The LyoTemp utilizes MadgeTech 4 Data Logger Software, available as a free download. MadgeTech 4 software provides device management and an all-in-one package for storing, analyzing and sharing data. Featuring Multiple Graph Overlay, Statistics, and data annotation, users can view data in tables, view summaries and automatically generate full repots. Users can work with Lethality equations (F0, PU), Mean Kinetic Temperature and Min/Max/Average lines. For ease of use the software also supports Zoom in/out, Digital calibration and full time zone support.

At CAS DataLoggers our products are used in a wide variety of applications in remote monitoring, in industrial process and manufacturing industries, for automotive and aerospace data collection, in pharmaceutical manufacturing and storage, and in geological and environmental monitoring. We have even flown units on the Space Shuttle and ISS (International Space Station)! We stock additional MadgeTech data loggers monitoring temperature, current/voltage, pressure, shock, wind, machine run time and more.