Product News: ATCC Will Feature Its Largest Portfolio of Infectious Disease Research Reagents at asm2014

14 May 2014

ATCC, the premier global biological materials resource and standards organization, will showcase its comprehensive portfolio of authenticated microbial cultures and associated reagents during the asm2014 General Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts. ATCC maintains the largest collection of microorganisms characterized and authenticated for use in infectious disease research. Meeting attendees visiting ATCC at Booth #938 will also have access to the scientific team behind its superior quality control strains, multidrug-resistant strains, respiratory and enteric pathogens, agricultural animal pathogens, and native, synthetic and Certified Reference Material nucleic acids.

“The development and evaluation of novel methods to prevent, detect, and treat human and animal diseases depends on the quality and validity of the starting materials. Fully characterized ATCC Genuine Cultures® and ATCC® Genuine Nucleics provide a foundation for reproducible research data,” said Mindy Goldsborough, Ph.D., the Vice President and General Manager of ATCC Cell Systems. “We are pleased to offer the widest selection of authenticated microorganisms and nucleic acids backed by a polyphasic approach that combines genotypic, phenotypic, and functional analyses.”

ATCC research and development scientists will present two posters during asm2014.
Development and Verification of Synthetic RNA Controls for Determination of Influenza Virus Load, poster #584 will be presented on Sunday, May 18, 2014 between 12:30 PM – 1:45 PM in Exhibit Hall B. The second poster, Novel fluorescent reporters for studying pathogen-host interactions, #1637 will be exhibited on Monday, May 19, 2014 from 12:30 PM – 1:45 PM in Exhibit Hall B.

To learn more about the extensive solutions for microbiology research, please visit ATCC at Booth #938 at asm2014.