Product News: 140 Solutions for Petroleum Testing from Anton Paar

23 Jun 2014

Anton Paar, world market leader in the fields of density measurement, rheometry and viscometry, offers 140 solutions for testing petroleum products.

Together with its subsidiary Anton Paar ProveTec, formely known as Petrotest, Anton Paar now builds on more than 140 years of experience in the field of petroleum testing technology. What began with flash point testers now extends to more than 40 different instruments for various applications.

The name Anton Paar stands for modular and versatile instrumentation, so it was easy to select and present 140 solutions to meet diverse requirements in the petroleum industry. This portfolio spans from portable meters over on-site quality control of incoming materials to a unique viscometer for operation under difficult process conditions.

Here viewers can find out more about solutions like “Optimized alkylation process due to catalyst monitoring” or “Economical and fast dosage of antioxidants in fuels”. The website can also be filtered according to required standards to find the instrument needed for full compliance.

Finally, whoever is curious about how “Callisto” – a moon of Jupiter? – increases efficiency in fuel production should also take a look at Anton Paar’s 140 solutions.

For further information on this wide range of solutions, click on the company website link below.