Industry News: Whole Slide Imaging meets Laser Microdissection

MMI launch their latest solution at the AACR meeting in Chicago: CellScan

17 Apr 2018

The MMI CellScan is a new module to combine whole slide imaging with laser microdissection. For the first time, researchers are now able to scan full resolution digital slides, to mark their selection and to precisely cut the specified cells by laser microdissection, all in one system.

With the MMI CellCut, MMI has been providing a versatile, precise and well-established instrument for laser microdissection for twenty years. Now, MMI has expanded this technology platform with the MMI CellScan to combine whole slide imaging with laser microdissection in a new and unique way.

The MMI CellScan uses the motorized microscope to easily and quickly scan entire slides with all flexibility provided by the microscope platform. Dr. Stefan Niehren, CTO at MMI, is excited about the versatility of MMI’s newest solution:

"The MMI CellScan is a very powerful and flexible tool exceeding the capabilities of standard slide scanners on the market today. Our CellScan is compatible with all objectives, with all standard imaging modules, with most Slide Viewers and, of course, with all MMI products."

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"Our customers in Pathology are highly interested to combine whole slide imaging with laser microdissection", adds Daniel Lucking, US Director of Sales at MMI. "The MMI CellScan seamlessly integrates in their existing research and pathology workflows and adds value since the slides can be digitally documented and analyzed at full resolution at any time. In addition, experienced pathologists can now save their precious time by contributing their valuable expertise to image analysis and cell selection, whereas all other steps such as slide scanning, cell isolation and DNA/RNA extraction can easily be accomplished by trainees, students or technicians".

"We are the very first manufacturer providing this fully integrated solution which we termed 'Next Generation Laser Microdissection' ", Prof. Dr. Stefan Seeger, CEO at MMI, points out proudly. "With this technology, we are bridging the gap between Digital Pathology and Precision Medicine!"