Industry News: Vaccine Development and Bioprocess Cell Culture Technology Day 2019

This year’s vaccine development day, taking place in Baltimore, focuses on the latest perfusion technologies and scale-up in vaccine manufacturing

09 May 2019

The Vaccine Development and Bioprocess Cell Culture Technology Day, organized by a leading life science company Eppendorf AG, will take place in Baltimore on May 16, 2019. Experts will discuss technologies in cell culture upstream bioprocess development with a special focus on perfusion technologies and scale-up. 

“Scalable bioprocess systems, online process analytics, and process intensification are key for the development of robust, cost-efficient bioprocesses,” comments Dr. Karl Rix, Vice President Business Unit Bioprocess at Eppendorf. “We are excited that bioprocess experts from Eppendorf, as well as representatives from Corning and other leading manufacturers will share their latest bioprocess insights.”

“Driven by epidemic events and governmental vaccination programs there is a rising demand for the development of new vaccines,” Rix states. “We are excited to learn about the latest developments in upstream bioprocessing that help balance costs and time-to-market.”

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