Industry News: US Drug Enforcement Administration, Office of Forensic Sciences Selects JEOL Nuclear Magnetic Resonance for Illicit Drug Testing

17 Oct 2018

JEOL has announced that is has been awarded a major contract by the US DEA Office of Forensic Sciences for nine JEOL JNM-ECZ500R Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (500 MHz NMR) spectrometers.  The purchase was made through a competitive award process and will allow DEA laboratories across the country to utilize the latest NMR technology to combat the proliferation of new and existing illicit drugs.  The contract allows for replacement of the existing instruments over the next five years.

 "We are very excited to be supporting this Federal Government Agency and are confident the opportunity will recognize the high-performance capability of this new NMR platform which utilizes the JEOL Royal HFX NMR Probe.  This probe enables both routine and specialized quantitative NMR experiments," said Michael Frey, JEOL USA Analytical Products Manager. “We believe the specialized fluorine analysis capability of the HFX NMR Probe, along with advances in our instrument technology when combined with a 500 MHz field, will greatly assist the DEA in their efforts to elucidate, quantify, and track illegal drugs as well as new designer drugs.”

NMR analysis is used to characterize the structure of compounds for various purposes in industry and research.  The Royal HFX Probe, introduced in 2017, was developed specifically to enhance the NMR analysis of fluorine (19F) which is increasingly being used in many new drugs, including illicit designer drugs, to effect metabolic function and potency.

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