Industry News: Tissue dissociation and animal model reagents

Enzyme Explorer Tool from Merck enables you to select the optimum enzyme for your tissue dissociation or cell detachment needs

05 Nov 2021

When determining the best tissue dissociation and animal model reagents for your workflow needs, it is critical to have the best reagent that reliably delivers the results you can count on. Merck’s comprehensive offering of enzymes, protein reagents and kits are well characterized with lot-to-lot consistency. Merck’s comprehensive offering and rigorous quality standards provide you with the confidence that you will always receive consistent, high-quality reagents for your small-scale or bulk size needs.

Additionally, Merck provides consistent, reliably supplied extraction and fermentation-based enzymes available at the manufacturing scale under GMP. Whether you require products for research or life science manufacturing needs, our tissue dissociation and animal model reagent offerings provide convenience, stability, robust lot sizes, and customization flexibility. Altogether, these benefits are suitable for use in the manufacturing of assays, ELISA, blotting, and additional kit types.

Efficient tissue dissociation depends on numerous factors, including how the tissue was dissected, tissue age, and the quality or blends of your tissue dissociation enzymes. Select the ideal enzyme using Merck’s Enzyme Explorer Tool for your cell detachment or tissue dissociation needs, including trypsin, collagenase, papain, nucleases, hyaluronidase, and elastase. As a global distributor, Merck’s reliable and secure supply chain ensures that you will have the optimal tissue dissociation and animal model reagents when your research and lab product manufacturing work requires them.

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