Industry News: RoosterBio collaborates with Sartorius to expand cell and gene therapy manufacturing platform technology into South Korea

The partnership launches RoosterBio’s first international platform with off-the-shelf working cell banks and hMSC bioprocess media products in Asia

14 Dec 2020

RoosterBio, Inc, one of the leading suppliers of innovative cellular therapy bioprocess tools and scalable manufacturing solutions for regenerative medicine, has announced it has entered into an exclusive agency agreement with Sartorius Korea Biotech, a subsidiary of the Sartorius Group, a leading international partner of the biopharmaceutical and life science research sectors.

This strategic partnership combines Sartorius’ proven expertise in providing high-caliber bioprocess testing, technical and customer services to the local South Korean market, as well as its global reach, and RoosterBio’s advanced platform of RUO and cGMP-grade human mesenchymal stem/stromal cell (hMSC) working cell banks, optimized paired media, and hMSC bioprocess systems. This winning combination sets the stage for accelerating the development of new, effective medical treatments and expands RoosterBio’s footprint into Asia, especially in South Korea.

“South Korea is a preeminent innovator in hMSCs, and the South Korean biotech ecosystem has been flourishing according to every measure of growth. One of the first MSC therapies was developed in Korea, clearing an entirely new path to treat previously incurable diseases,” said RoosterBio CEO Margot Connor. “We are delighted to be working with Sartorius Korea Biotech in our global effort to industrialize the supply chain for next-gen treatments, and we are committed to accelerating the commercialization of cell- and gene-based therapies. We believe the talented team at Sartorius is uniquely suited to provide our mutual customers with scalable hMSC systems to expedite their cell-based therapeutic programs.”

Under the terms of the agreement, Sartorius Korea Biotech will engage with its customers as an exclusive agent for RoosterBio to facilitate sales operations and increase the market potential for RoosterBio products on an exclusive basis in South Korea.

“RoosterBio’s commercialized product systems standardize hMSC manufacturing to remove years of time and millions of dollars from the timeline of traditional mesenchymal cell therapeutic product development and clinical translation efforts,” said Duck Sang Kim, Managing Director of Sartorius Korea Biotech. “We look forward to introducing this synergistic biotechnology relationship to South Korea.”
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