Industry News: Partnership Offers Most Advanced Environmental Monitoring Capabilities in Industry

12 Apr 2016

LabVantage Solutions has extended its partnership with Lonza to offer purpose-built environmental monitoring capabilities integrated with LIMS.  This combined solution is the only one in the market today that provides comprehensive environment monitoring capabilities integrated with an enterprise-grade LIMS to provide the Life Sciences industry with a unified microbiology and analytical solution that is unparalleled.

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LabVantage® offers a market-leading LIMS based on 35+ years of experience in the Laboratory Informatics space. LabVantage provides a highly configurable, web-based LIMS that powers hundreds of laboratories globally, large and small, spanning industries such as pharmaceutical, biotech, food and beverage, chemicals, oil and gas, consumer packaged goods and more. Lonza’s MODA-EM® purpose-built environmental monitoring solution for quality control microbiology provides a mobile computing platform for the paperless collection, processing, and tracking of environmental monitoring and utility samples.  The MODA-EM® solution offers best- in-class visualization with an extensive library of pre-built reports and charts.  LabVantage has been an exclusive partner of Lonza since 2007, and both companies have been working together to provide customers with the most advanced environmental monitoring capabilities in the market.

With LabVantage 8, LabVantage has introduced the MODA® Connector, the only commercially available off-the-shelf LIMS interface to the MODA-EM® solution.  LabVantage, when implemented together with Lonza’s MODA-EM® solution and the LabVantage MODA® Connector, enables seamless exchange of data between the two systems providing increased operational efficiency, improved quality, and reduced cost.  The MODA® Connector uses a standard web-services based interface to provide bi-directional exchange of testing requests and micro results between the two systems.  The interface also provides LIMS users with visibility into any environmental monitoring deviations during the manufacturing process ensuring product quality during lot release.  LabVantage is the only company in the market today that offers a LIMS solution pre-integrated with the MODA-EM® platform.

“We are excited to extend our partnership with Lonza to offer our customers best-in-class environmental monitoring capabilities” said Bob Voelkner, Manager, Strategic Accounts at LabVantage.  “The ability to integrate the environmental monitoring workflow across LIMS and MODA-EM® provides customers with the most comprehensive, end-to-end monitoring capabilities in the market” he continued.

“Lonza and LabVantage represent best-in-class applications for microbiology and analytical quality control.  The integrated MODA-EM® and LabVantage 8 product suite provide customers with unparalleled functionality and capabilities for a comprehensive product lot release data set,” said Richard Kelley, Global Director of Business Development – Informatics for Lonza.