Industry News: Owlstone Medical announces digital Breath Biopsy Conference 2021

Join leading researchers online to explore the latest advances and common challenges in the field of breath biopsy

06 Oct 2021

Owlstone Medical has announced the next Breath Biopsy Conference will take place online, October 12-13, 2021. The conference is free to register and seeks to facilitate progress in the breath research field by bringing together leading researchers and research organizations to share the latest advances and to discuss common challenges.

Breath research seeks to use non-invasive breath testing approaches, such as breath biopsy, to detect, diagnose and find the best treatment strategies for a multitude of different conditions. These approaches provide readouts of a patient’s metabolic state, so are more directly linked to current disease progression than is possible through genetic testing. As such, this field has many potential applications in early detection and precision medicine.

During this two-day event, the key areas of expertise in and around the breath research field will be explored in talks, poster sessions, and discussions. This year's major themes are focused on the importance and advantages of early detection of disease, the value and benefits of precision medicine, the use of traceable compounds (such as d5-ethanol, C13-labeled compounds, and limonene) in breath studies, and sampling and analysis.

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