Industry News: Optimize Cell Growth and Consistency with Stericup Quick Release Filtration Systems

MilliporeSigma has developed a streamlined system that optimizes the critical steps of preparing cells and media

05 Mar 2018

Establishing a successful cell culture always begins with optimizing cells and media with the highest standards in mind. From challenging cell lines to minimal sample availability, you must count on your sterile filtration process and products to provide quality and reproducibility to your experiments.

Stericup® filter units from MilliporeSigma have been the go-to system in labs around the world for decades. The Stericup® filter system with Steritop® filters remove undesirable contaminants and sterilize your media.  At the core of Stericup® filter reliability is membrane engineering — the key to high-performance filtration.

Since its inception, Millipore® Corporation — now MilliporeSigma, the Life Science business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany — has engineered and manufactured the highest-quality membranes, pioneering the use of membrane technology and establishing itself as the industry leader in filtration with brands such as Millex® syringe filters, Milli-Q® water purification systems and the iconic Stericup® filters.

With the recent introduction of the Stericup Quick Release, the product now provides additional high-value enhancements that facilitate ease of use and streamline workflow for the researcher.  The re-designed Stericup Quick Release is the next generation of the original Stericup® Sterile Vacuum Filtration System — with refinements made to improve the user experience. 



Enhancements to the 500mL Stericup Quick Release filter include  a “quick release” filter funnel that disconnects from the receiver bottle with just a quarter turn, reducing the likelihood of spillage and making it easier to manipulate on the bench or under the hood,  a  click seal confidence cap that is  flanged and modified to enable a firm grip in wet or dry conditions and a tactile stop to confirm secure closure on sterilized contents, eliminating concerns of contamination or spillage — and much more. View the short video below to explore all the enhancements.

While changes to MilliporeSigma’s Stericup® Quick Release filter system facilitate an optimized workflow, the membranes inside the filter remain the same as in the original Stericup systems — ensuring reliable filtration and confidence in downstream analysis, assay development and scientific reproducibility. Millipore membranes are quality-tested and validated for performance, and provide reliable filtration with high flow rates, low protein binding and low fluid retention, minimal fouling and assurance of sterility.