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Industry News: Opentrons launches automation marketplace to expand lab robotics accessibility and streamline drug discovery and microbiome research

08 Feb 2024

Opentrons Labworks, Inc., a provider in lab automation and makers of accessible lab robotics, has launched its automation marketplace, with tools and software from Opentrons’ partners that can be easily integrated into Opentrons robotics systems, catering to rapidly expanding sectors like drug discovery and microbiome research. Designed to streamline the research process and enable scientists to concentrate on making impactful discoveries, the marketplace functions as a comprehensive eCommerce hub, enabling customers to effortlessly access essential products, services, and support from Opentrons’ commercial partners.

The automation marketplace will feature hardware, software, and consumables coupled with user documentation and verified protocols to support seamless integration into Opentrons robots, including Opentrons Flex™ and OT-2, extending their functionality. The first marketplace partners include research platform and technology companies Cerillo, Genie Life Sciences, and Byonoy.

Cerillo and Opentrons are automating and optimizing microbiome research and discovery of microbiome therapeutics by integrating Cerillo’s plate readers onto the OT-2 and Flex deck, facilitating efficient experimental setups, including bacterial co-culture studies with Cerillo’s specialized plates. Cerillo’s research platform provides a comprehensive solution for microorganism growth curve studies through compact microplate readers, ideal for setup in shared modular benchtops, incubators, and anaerobic chambers.

Genie Life Sciences has developed new lab execution software known as Genie LabOS, a user-friendly platform built for simplifying lab automation workflows. When paired with Opentrons Flex or OT-2, Genie LabOS streamlines workflow design, coordination, and execution, providing comprehensive control, experiment planning, and data management. The integration allows users to author, modify, and run scientific protocols, configure instrument-specific settings, and set up coordinated workcells with Opentrons instruments and integrated modules.

Byonoy and Opentrons have partnered to provide modules for the Opentrons Flex, starting with the Byonoy’s gripper-compatible Absorbance 96 Automate on-deck microplate reader, which offers best-in-class read times under five seconds and up to six configurable wavelengths ranging from 400–1000 nm. Along with user-friendly, automated protocols and services, these newly integrated on-deck modules will help support high-throughput applications including protein assays and cell viability workflows.

“Our newly launched automation marketplace serves as a one-stop-shop, providing convenient access to products and services from our partners, who share a commitment to advancing impactful science. Embracing the principles of open-source science, we aim to continually expand our marketplace offerings through strategic partnerships, especially in genomics, proteomics, and cell-based assays, ensuring our customers can effortlessly address all their needs in one centralized location,” said James Atwood, General Manager of Opentrons Robotics.

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